Release Day! Jack Interviews Swashbuckling Author of Honor Among Thieves ~ J.M. AUCOIN!

Very cool interview!!

Raisin' the Signal Flag

article-2420767-15A9308B000005DC-446_306x423Captain Jack Sparrow knows the importance of honing swashbucklin’ skills. Livin’ off the seas isn’t easy after all. There ARR plenty of obstacles in a pirate’s path. Marooning, keelhauling, undead monkeys, curses, the Kraken, Davy Jones’ Locker, and greedy pirates pillagin’ and plunderin’ their weasely guts out ARR problematic. So if more swashbuckle be needed, who you gonna call?

Katherine: “There be one with the knack — Captain Jake Hawking.”

Jake HawkingJack: Grins. “Aye. I recollect you readin’ Jake Hawking & the Bounty Hunters. Since I be a loyal pirate, I’ve acquired Hawking’s master for your entertainment.”

Katherine “You acquired J.M. AUCOIN? How?”

HonorAmongThievesfrontJack “Aye.” Winks then studies his fingernails. “He plies the same trade you do, luv. Figured you’d appreciate an interview, especially since his new book Honor Among Thieves, Hope and Steel Book #1 releases TODAY.”

Katherine “Well done, Jack!” Searches ship. “Where is he?”

Jack: Craftily waves hands…

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