Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 4/26/15 Beloveds

Jenna Jaxon Romance--because passion is timeless.


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’m finally back again with my current WIP, Beloveds. I revealed my cover on Friday and here it is!  Isn’t it sexy? 🙂


I’m starting a little later than my last snippet, but now Thomas and Alyse’s encounter is heating up. And it’s not quite edited, so please keep that in  mind. 🙂

She rubbed her cheek against his warm, silky flesh, wondering at his presence but not daring to question it. She simply reveled in each precious moment together.

“I have sorely missed the feel of you in my arms, my sweet,” he said as he tightened his grip on her. “I will never tire of holding you close.”

She nestled closer to him, resting against him. Like she would a pillar that could shelter her for all her life. Idly, she drew her fingers down his hard abdomen, following the curve of his waist…

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