Secrets in Scarlet by Erica Monroe

Awesome book!!
Secrets in Scarlet by Erica Monroe

April 17, 2015
By bevieann61

This review is from: Secrets in Scarlet (The Rookery Rogues Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
This book was very very good! It starts out with Sgt.Thaddeus Knight finding a 14 yrs old factory worker murdered in the alley of the factory she worked at. He tried to save her but failed! In the course of investigating her murder which his superior was opposed to. The chief inspector believed she was just another prostitute murdered by a client he meets Poppy Corrigan a sassy redheaded widow who also works at the factory with her friend Abigail and Abigail’s little sister Bess. He talks Poppy into just observing and telling him if she sees any unusual people coming in or out or anything out of the ordinary! Poppy started having feelings for him even though the poor people from the rookery areas (slums) hated Peelers (cops) because he had previously saved her brother Daniel from hanging on a murder charge he was falsely accused of. She got excited by the investigation and snuck in Boz Larkers office and had Abigail and Bess watch out for her. During that time they heard a confession between Boz and his henchmen and evil wife Effie Larker about killing the girl. Abigail went missing. And Poppy knew somehow they got found out and she went to Thaddeus for help. They had beat her and stuck her hand in a loom and mangled it to get her to talk! So they got her to the hospital hid Bess,and Poppy and her daughter went into hiding. Thaddeus realized how he had put her in danger and he realized how much he loved her! In the meantime he was fired when he presented the evidence to his chief inspector realizing the man was corrupt and in on it! He gave the evidence to Sgt Strickland whom he didn’t really care for. And went to get Poppy and her daughter to take them into hiding and marry. Very exciting action packed kept me intrigued! I couldn’t put it down. I received an arc from netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I would recommend this series to everyone ! Very well written, action, romance. Very good story about the lower class citizens of the time and how they lived.

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