Bite at First Sight by Brooklyn Ann
Bite at First Sight (Scandals with Bite)
Bite at First Sight by Brooklyn Ann
By bevieann61 – April 8, 2015
I absolutely loved this story! I have been patiently waiting for Rafe and Cassandra’s story ever since I read the first two (Bite Me Your Grace & One Bite Per Night) I just knew it was going to be a very good story . The way the characters were building up in the first two books I could tell they would reach an explosive climax (no pun intended!) And they did! As usual Ms. Brooklyn weaves her stories with such clever historical detail that it keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through! I couldn’t put it down! Now I’m sad that it’s over!! It took me on a wonderful ride I laughed , I was sad, I went through so many emotions reading this book. Like the first two this will be a book that I read over and over again ! Classic! I hope that there will be more in this series I would like to see why the other Lord wants Lenore! I see book number 4 in the future???(I hope!) Anyway hat’s off to Ms. Brooklyn it was well worth the wait!! You are a remarkable writer in my book!! I recommend this series to anyone who likes romance, historical ,or vampire stories I think no matter what genre you like you will like this series! Her writing is original and well researched and thoroughly entertaining!

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