A captain’s order a dukes command by Tamara Gill

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I recieved an arc from the author for an honest review!!, April 29, 2015
By Bevieann 61

This review is from: A Captain’s Order – A Duke’s Command (Hot Regency Read) (Scandalous Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
I really loved this book! Her trials after her brother’s death left her emotional and scared and she entered into an affair with the ship captain I think to ease her mourning and because she was vulnerable! Then she fell in love but knew it could only be temporary because of who they were! She didn’t know his secret! The story touched me in a very happy way! I hoped he wouldn’t let her go! Then when he went after her I almost did a happy dance my hubby thought I lost my mind! Lol this was an honest to goodness 5 star love story that I would recommend to everyone!! Tamara Gill is a wonderful author I haven’t found a book of hers that I haven’t liked!
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Love this author

The Violet Femmes

Today is the release of my second historical romance, THE HARLOT COUNTESS. This is the second book in the Wicked Deceptions series.
Here’s the blurb:

Maggie, Lady Hawkins, had a debut she’d rather forget—along with her first marriage. Today, the political cartoonist is a new woman. A thoroughly modern woman. So much so that her clamoring public believes she’s a man…

FACT: Drawing under a male pseudonym, Maggie is known as Lemarc. Her (his!) favorite object of ridicule: Simon Barrett, Earl of Winchester. He’s a rising star in Parliament—and a former confidant and love interest of Maggie’s who believed a rumor that vexes her to this day.

FICTION: Maggie is the Half-Irish Harlot who seduced her best friend’s husband on the eve of their wedding. She is to be feared and loathed as she will lift her skirts for anything in breeches.

Still crushed by Simon’s betrayal, Maggie has no…

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Alls fair in love and scandal by Caroline Linden

I loved it!, April 28, 2015
By Bevieann 61

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This review is from: All’s Fair in Love and Scandal (Kindle Edition)
He was a betting man! But he didn’t bet on losing his heart instead. Madeline grew up disliking gambling men because of her father! She didn’t trust in men period but he wormed his way in when she wasn’t looking. Very fun and the bad guy gets the tables turned on him to boot! Great story! I can’t recommend it highly enough! I can’t wait for Caroline’s next book!

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Joanna does it again!!!, April 28, 2015
By Bevieann 61

This review is from: The Harlot Countess (Wicked Deceptions) (Kindle Edition)
I received an arc of this book from netgalley for an honest review. That being said I thought this book was excellent! Her books keep getting better and better! I thought if was humorous, sexy, romantic, intriguing all rolled into one! I loved the way Maggie kept Simon looking for lemarc! Hilarious! And he deserved it for not standing by her and then forgetting all about her while she was married off to an old man!!! I’m glad she came out fighting! She reminded me of myself! You want to talk about me I’ll really give you something to talk about!! Her parties were great!!

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The Devilish Mr. Danvers by Vivienne Lorret

I loved this book! I absolutely loved Hedley! She got such a raw deal from her family!! But she was strong and for once free! And lord help anyone who thought they were going to take that away! I loved Rafe too! He thought he’d kill two birds with one stone and it backfired in a big way! I loved it ..now I’m patiently waiting for lord Montwoods story.

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Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 4/26/15 Beloveds

Jenna Jaxon Romance--because passion is timeless.


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’m finally back again with my current WIP, Beloveds. I revealed my cover on Friday and here it is!  Isn’t it sexy? 🙂


I’m starting a little later than my last snippet, but now Thomas and Alyse’s encounter is heating up. And it’s not quite edited, so please keep that in  mind. 🙂

She rubbed her cheek against his warm, silky flesh, wondering at his presence but not daring to question it. She simply reveled in each precious moment together.

“I have sorely missed the feel of you in my arms, my sweet,” he said as he tightened his grip on her. “I will never tire of holding you close.”

She nestled closer to him, resting against him. Like she would a pillar that could shelter her for all her life. Idly, she drew her fingers down his hard abdomen, following the curve of his waist…

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Celebrating the Release of “Mr. Darcy’s Fault: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary” + Giveaway

Check this book out

Every Woman Dreams...

MDF Cover copy
EBD Cover Concept copyLast week, I brought you an excerpt from my latest release, Elizabeth Bennet’s Deception: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary ©2015. This week, I have another variation. This one is a 43,000 word novella entitled Mr. Darcy’s Fault: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary. ©2015  I hope you enjoy the excerpt below. Leave a comment for a chance to win one of two eBook copies of the book up for grabs. 


Chapter One

“There is nothing for it,” he said with a heavy sigh. “I will gather Georgiana from London and set a course for Pemberley.”

Attempting to clarify his thoughts, Darcy stood under the trees of the well-groomed grove of Rosings Woods. He spent a long night, a night in which he saw his dreams of marital happiness dissolve as quickly as the mist drifting in from the Swale. He spent the hours of darkness composing a letter of apology…

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Surprise!!! Jewel of Winter is HERE!

New author to check out

Kirsten S. Blacketer

Hello my friends…

Today is a very special day. My first self published book releases!

I introduced you all to this story back in December. Well it’s available for purchase right now!


Smashwords – JEWEL OF WINTER

Dive into this Victorian romance and discover the benefits to breaking the law.

jewelofwinter2400 (1)

A simple country girl at the mercy of a cold-hearted thief with more secrets than scruples.

As a widow, Jessamine gained the freedom she’d always desired. Her late husband left her his sole possession, an inn on the north road to Scotland. When a trio of gentlemen appear at the doorstep of her isolated inn during a snowstorm, Jess can’t help the curiosity coursing through her veins. Eavesdropping on their conversation only entangles her in their web of deception.

To the petite innkeeper, Edmund is a wealthy thief. Allowing her to think what she will…

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Secrets of Antiheroes – Master Villains or Master Heroes?

Sacha Black


What is it about Anti Heroes that is so damn appealing? I can’t help myself. If the protagonist is an antihero I am like a salivating dog. I cant get enough of whatever it is I am reading or watching. I’m a self-confessed Antihero Addict. I want to explore what it is about them that we all love so much.

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Cover Reveal: Beloveds ~ A Time Enough to Love Short Novella

Jenna Jaxon Romance--because passion is timeless.

And now revealing the cover for my soon-to-be released erotic medieval short story



 I have a medieval trilogy, Time Enough to Love (Betrothal, Betrayal, and Beleaguered) and in about two weeks (early May) a short story (that occurs chronologically at about the halfway point of Beleaguered) will be released.  It’s called Beloveds. Two things are different: first, it is very definitely erotic romance, not sensual like my others, and second, if you read it before the rest of the series, you will find spoilers. So if you don’t like to have things spoiled, read the first three before number four. 🙂

So, without further ado, here is the blurb and an excerpt from Beloveds:


Passion never dies.

Lady Alyse Braedon frets over her renewed passion for Sir Geoffrey Longford, her first love. They have pledged their hearts to one another, despite the fact that…

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