I read this last year and I just read an arc of the new upcoming release of this book and I have to say I have not been more entertained in my life !! I love this book this is a MUST read no matter the genre you are into you will find this book so humorous and just out right good! You will love it!! I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone!

Maggie Fenton

First off, here is my new Maggie Fenton Facebook page!

So, a great deal has been happening in my world! I finally finished my Master’s degree in piano performance (thank hell!!) and am now entirely focused on writing. Thanks to the success of The Duke’s Holiday, I am able to write full time now! It is a dream I never expected to have fulfilled!

After the unexpected success of The Duke’s Holiday (I thought it would make a couple hundred dollars when I self published), several publishers and agents expressed an interest in taking me on.


After all of the success I had with self publishing I was very hesitant about considering these offers. But in the end, I was able to work out a very promising deal with Montlake Romance Publishing, which is a division of Amazon. I hope to take my writing to the next level!!

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