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Ella Quinn ~ Author

Usually we focus on the heroine and hero, but I though it would be fun to let our secondary characters shine today. If you have buy links or social media links, please post them as well.

A Kiss for Lady MaryHere two of mine from A Kiss for Lady Mary. Lady Eunice Phipson, is my heroine’s aunt and Mr. Brian Doust is the local vicar.

Mr. Doust twined her arm with his, drawing her close. “Invite me, and I’ll try to discover his intent.”

She gazed up at him. “You would assist in this the conspiracy?”

His eyes warmed. “My lady, I would have thought that by now you’d have realized there is very little I would not do for you and those who matter to you.”

“Oh my.” Warmth rose in her face. How long had it been since she’d blushed? “You have me acting like a girl again, and I must tell you…

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Author Jude Knight’s Farewell to Kindness Release Party March 31st 2:00 to 8:00 Pm EDT.

Duchess of Romance

Best Selling Author Jude Knight’s Farewell to Kindness Release Party!! Please join us and support this amazingly talented author! A chance to meet other authors and win prizes! A night you will not forget!! Look forward to seeing you at the party!

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BOOK V ~ THE EPISTOLARY by r.m.simone’ Novella

Musings by Mandy

The EPISTOLARY by r.m.simone’ PART OF BOOK V Saga..


_Book V Book flower magenta 22BOOK Reveal Cover REVEAL …BOOK V, The Epistolary by r.m.simone’ Prelude The Epistolary … and so it begins….

Within the darkness sits waiting this moment of the Kiss that brings forth the Spirit of the Soul into the Darkness of the eternity. Of the Soul that is VOID of Light of the Self. It is this Spirit that is carried within the heart beating of the Beloved that Kindles this Awakening.

I have gone through such an Awakening.

This is my story…

Her Anima of her Soul resides within the blood coursing through her body beating, ever so beating like the caged birth within her own Golden Cage. I had to drink of her… She awakened the blood lust within me that was carefully sleeping within this dark cavern of myself. Now, I sought redemption and forgiveness…

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